Instructions for participants

Instructions for all participants

The 2020 meeting will be a virtual, online meeting. All activities will be conducted via Zoom.

There will be 5 main Zoom rooms/auditoria and many small rooms:

  • Main auditorium for plenary talks
  • Three auditoria for the parallel sessions
  • Auditorium for the roundtable discussions
  • Small room for each poster presentation
The links to all Zoom rooms are embedded in the Programme. All participants were sent a password for Zoom by email – for that you had to be registered by the deadline! (8/12/20)

Participant will have an opportunity to meet with the speakers in private rooms. These will be opened using the “Breakout rooms” option in Zoom at the end of each session. For that, please update your Zoom to the latest version before the meeting!

Instructions for speakers

The speakers will present their presentations (e.g. Powerpoint) using the “Share screen” option in Zoom

  • Please join your session 10 min before it starts; the Chair will give you co-host privileges so you can share your screen
  • Make sure to have your full name displayed in Zoom
  • An invited talk is 20 min + 5 min for Q&A; the other talks are 12 min + 3 min Q&APlease make sure to keep your allotted time, as we have a busy schedule.
  • Speakers who chose to record their talk must be present and available to answer questions

Some technical reminders:

  • Use a computer with a good internet connection, high quality microphone and camera
  • Start your Powerpoint presentation in presentation mode and then share your screen
  • The camera should be facing you at eye-level
  • Have enough light but do not sit with a window at your back
  • Make sure to have a quiet environment
  • Do not use your phone for Zoom in addition to your computer, as it will create feedback noise
Instructions for poster presenters

Posters will be presented like a presentation, using the “Share screen” option in Zoom. For example, it is common to prepare posters using Powerpoint and save as PDF file. In this case, we recommend to open the PDF in full screen view, and then share it in Zoom. You can then scroll through the poster, zoom in and go through the various parts of the poster. Alternatively, you may also break the poster into several Powerpoint slides and present it as a (short!) presentation.