Instructions for participants

Instructions for all participants

The 2023 meeting will be hosted by the University of Haifa, in the Carmel Campus (see instructions under “Venue” below). The lectures will take place in three auditoria. Keynote lectures will take place in the Hecht Auditorium (floor 1) and the parallel sessions will be in two auditoria on floor 30 and floor 29. Lunch and poster sessions will be outside of the Hecht auditoirum.

Instructions for speakers

The speakers will present Powerpoint presentations only. Please come up to the respective auditorium in the break before you session starts to upload your presentation using a USB stick. Invited talks are 20 min + 5 min for Q&A; the other talks are 12 min + 3 min Q&APlease make sure to keep your allotted time, as we have a busy schedule.

Instructions for poster presenters

Posters should be printed no larger than 120 by 90cm (height by width). Posters will be presented on both days of the conference. Please look up your poster number in the poster list (click here). There is a 90 minutes time slot on each day for both lunch and posters.. Poster presenters should first have lunch and then go to their posters for the remainder of the time.

Venue and transportation

The conference will be held in the Carmel Campus of the University of Haifa (see Google Map location below). Please arrive at the Hecht Auditorium by following signs to the Hecht Museum. The auditorium is next to the entrance to the museum. There is not enough parking space inside the campus for all participants. There are parking lots outside the campus. However, we encourage participants to use the excellent public transportation to campus. There is a very nice train to Haifa! If you get off at the Hof Hacarmel station you can take a direct bus to the university – line number 54 (about 25 minutes). Alternatively, from Merkazit Hamifrats station you can take the new cable car directly to the campus! (only 20 minutes)